Friday, April 11, 2003

Natural Toy's Jeff Kauppi plays Taste the Floor and promotes his new CD, "Are we here yet?", February 2003.

Jeff from Natural Toy stops by April 17 ...
Be sure to tune into the Taste the Floor on WMFO 91.5 FM on Thursday, April 17 for our special guest Jeff Kauppi from Natural Toy who will be coming by to play some tunes.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

April 3 playlist
Jesus & Mary Chain - Taste the floor
Lavababy - Sex junkie
Sarah Fimm - Lioness
Warren Zanes - Sidewalk sale
Rolling Stones - Little T&A
Absinthe Blind - Walls covered in hope
I Love You - Watch you try
Butthole Surfers - The bong song [by request]
The Knee-hi's - Teenage blues
Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women - Jet aircraft
The Silent Kids - Lost in the petrified forest, The Bering Sea
Will Hoge - Be the one
I Am Spoonbender - Remove - installer
Calla - Peter the killer
Morris 8 - Dead man's body
Gary Numan - Down in the park [live]
The Coral - I remember when
The Stratford 4 - 12 months
The Me Decade - Echo Beach
Judah Johnson - I'm in a dangerous place
Howe Home - Felonious [by request]
Jo Alexis - Mercy
The Cynics - Making deals
The Brilliant Mistakes - The girl you left behind
Reckless Daughter - Dizzy
Ballast - College girl
Kim Fox - Ladybug
MC Honky - Hung up
Alaska - Lost the gold

Tracks by Susan & the Surftones and 808 State were played in between sets.

March 20 playlist
Jesus & Mary Chain - Taste the Floor
Jello Biafra - Die for oil
Midnight Oil - Read about it
Psychedelic Furs - President gas
The Electromagnetic - Charlie
Judah Johnson - I'm in a dangerous place
Chumbawamba - Jacob's ladder [Not in our name]
Reckless Daughter - Dizzy
Rolling Stones - Shattered
Velvet Underground - Foggy notion
Cass McCombs - Not the way
Fairview - I wrote you I would
The Stratford 4 - When the ocean meets the eye
The Brilliant Mistakes - Stupid love song
Subsonics - Stars
Lorna Hunt - Mystery reconstruction
Absinthe Blind - The break [It's been there all this time]
Sarah Fimm - Virus
Alice Bierhorst - At sunset
Calla - Strangle
Interpol - Say hello the angels
Gary Numan - Me, I disconnect from you [live]
Rye Coalition - Communication breakdance