Thursday, February 20, 2003

Playlist for Feb. 20
Jesus & Mary Chain – Just like honey
I Love You – Watch you try
For Against – Outside a heart
Absinthe – Walls covered in hope
Grain – Secrets
Baby Grand – Rue the day
Jo Alexis – We got the go
The Charms – Marianne
The Volta Sound – See the light in someone else
Warren Zanes – Have you once recalled the days?
Black Dice – Seabird
George Harrison – Rising sun
Calexico – Not even Stevie Nicks
The Clean – Side on
King Missile – Jesus was way cool [Millennium edition]
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – He wants you
The Booze Explosion – Felicity
Ripley Caine – Labor Day
Jesse Malin – Wendy
The Wheelies – Breath until morning
The [International] Noise Conspiracy – Bigger cages, longer chains
Alice Bierhorst – Spring
The Delgados – All you need is hate
All Mighty Senators – Giant steps

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Playlist for Feb. 13:
Jesus & Mary Chain – Taste the floor
Pink Floyd – Corporal Clegg
Paul Westerberg/Grandpa Boy – Silent film star
Absinthe Blind – Shields
Lou Reed – Romeo had Juliette
Warren Zanes – Scrapbook
Alex Maws – Scraps of paper
For Against – Fuel
The Out Crowd – Reptile
Paul Weller – A bullet for everyone
Mark Dwinell – Hazy, rushing
The Wheelies – All talk
Natural Toy/Jeff Kauppi – James Earl Me, The Jodie Foster song, Somebody, Frying pan of love [by request], Women love to like me [but they don’t like to love me]
Capital City – I’ll think of something
The Volta Sound – The ride
Baby Grand – Lost
Lorna Hunt – Do the living
Live On Release – I’m afraid of Britney Spears
Johnny Marr & the Healers – Down on the corner
Cosmo Vitelli – Party day
Sarah Lentz – Boomerang
Tatu – How soon is now
Dance Disaster Movement – I want your sass
Natural Toy play Taste the Floor show!
Check out my ATT home page for a pic of Jeff Kauppi of Natural Toy strumming his guitar on the Taste the Floor show today []. Jeff played three tunes, one requested by a caller no less.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Natural Toy visits WMFO Feb. 13
Singer/songwriter Jeff Kauppi of Natural Toy will be on this week's Taste the Floor show scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. He will be strumming some tunes and we will be checking out some songs from the new Natural Toy CD.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Playlist for Jan. 30
Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Within you, without you
Lou Reed w/The Blind Boys of Alabama – I wanna know [The pit and the pendulum]
Lou Reed w/Ornette Coleman – Guilty
Ride – Seagull
Natural Toy – Sidewalks
For Against – Medication
The Volta Sound – Henri Chinaski
The Ramones – Beat on the brat
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Machine
Kennedy – If tomorrow never comes
Sunstorm – Mojave’s town
Echo & the Bunnymen – Supermellowman
Glenn Tilbrook – This is where you ain’t
Andy Hunter – Go
Capital City – This town won’t be the same
Yo La Tengo – Nuclear war
The Soft Boys – I love Lucy
Vendetta Red – Three chord Valentine
Alex Maws – Miss me when I’m gone
Warren Zanes – Hey girl
Furniture Music – Dating game
Baby Grand – Star
The Race – It looks like a circle but it’s really a spiral
Sometimeswhy – Making strange
Byrne – Waiting for winter, Sleeping giant
Wes Cunningham – Only you know
Tony subs for "On the Town" Jan. 29
Here is the playlist for the On the Town show
Fooled by April – Don’t want you around
Sarah Fimm – Virus
Gigolo Aunts – Mr. Tomorrow
Warren Zanes – First on the moon
16 Years of Grace – Your whore
Thalia Zadek – Candy says
Torrez – The girls will haunt you
Magic 12 – Radiowave
Sugabomb – Titties
Robin Lane & the Chartbusters – She wants you back
Charlene – Shoot yr. life
Lunargirl – Sunday is mine
The Dubnicks – Falls apart
The Crybabies – Fool of me
Flash in Blue – Rule of the fathers
The Pixies – Planet of Sound
The Kitty Kill – Taken
Freezepop – T DJ
Alex Maws – Scraps of paper
All the Queens Men – Alive [remix]
Beth Boucher – Gimme some time
Clem Snide – Nick Drake
[The Tint – live set]
I Love You – Watch you try
Amber Spyglass – Catalyst groove
The Curtain Society – Marigold girl
Natural Toy – Women love to like me [they don’t like to love me]
The Figgs – Sit and shake
Labb – Fourteen hour date
Blake Hazard – Saint Sebastien
Capital City – White hands
Default Outfit – Masquerade
Grubstake – Silent song