Friday, December 20, 2002

A Christmas card from Livesexact, December 2002.

Playlist for Dec. 19
Jesus & Mary Chain – Taste the floor
The Church – Earthfriend (version)
The Flaming Lips – Do you realize?
The Volta Sound – Ano domination
The Dead Kennedys – Life sentence
Polara – Wig on
Jason Bowers – Crystal skies
Alex Maws – Miss me when I’m gone
Sarah Lentz – Too late
Dressy Bessy – All the right reasons
Ethos – Where’d ya
Primal Scream – Deep hit of morning sun
Torrez – The girls will haunt you
Dana Glover – Rain
Tara Jane O’Neil – Prick
Rainer Maria – Ears ring
Nate Ruth – Merry Christmas
Rolling Stones – Hold back
Ride – Vapour trail
Sixpence None the Richer – Don’t dream it’s over
Lisbeth Scott – Beg
Longwave – Everywhere you turn
Flash In Blue – Jeanie’s bloomin’
The Aluminum Group – Blow you kisses
Moodroom – Vibes
Cober – Wedding song (abacas)
The Donnas – Take me to the backseat
Great Lakes – Now is when
Glifted – Is there any always
Jello Biafra - ... Gore made us want to Ralph
Melochrome – Seaside instrumental

Playlist for Dec. 5
Jesus & Mary Chain – Taste the floor
The Volta Sound – Zen is everywhere [live]
Lou Reed – The blue mask
The Psychedelic Furs – Entertain me
Apples In Stereo – Please, Rainfall
Sarah Azzara – Dupont Circle
Polara – Sweep me away
The Pretenders – You know who your friends are
Krysten Berg – New moon
Moodroom – Safe in the sound
Bellini – Furious
Six Pence None the Richer – Tonight
The Ramones – Blitzkrieg bop
Graig Markel – Salvation comes to me
Annette Farrington – Dive
Operation Makeout – Current events
Neko Case – Deep red bells
Melochrome – Seaside instrumental
The Rolling Stones – Hot stuff
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Machine
Tara Jane O’Neil – Welcome back
The Donna’s – Take it off
Jason Bowers – Diamond in your eyes
The Stereo – Turn off your T.V.
Josh Rouse – Under cold blue stars [remix]
Inner – My philosophy
Cober – Vapor lock
Tori Amos – A sorta fairytale

Nov. 21
Charlene – Ender
The Rolling Stones – Slave
The Strokes – Last nite
All the Queen’s Men – More [hostage remix]
Tori Amos – Amber waves
The Donna’s – Who invited you
They Might Be Giants – We’re the Replacements, Why does the sun shine [live], Your racist friend
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Pin Remix
Jason Bowers – The sunshine
Suntan – L#249747
Polara – Can’t get over you
Rebecca Pearcy – Natural disaster
16 Years of Grace – Your whore
AM the Band – Superficial
Glenn Tilbrook – This is where you ain’t
Broken Spindles – Videosection, downtown venues

Comedian Jimmy Tingle talks politics and promotes his new theater, Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway in Davis Square, Somerville, November 2002.

Jesus & Mary Chain – Never understand
The Curtain Society – Marigold girl
The Rolling Stones – Shattered
Sarah McLachlan – The Rainbow Connection
John Doe with Jane Wiedlin – Forever is you
Tori Amos – I can’t see New York
Ivy – Digging your scene
Polara – Jetpack Blues
Roddy Frame – Over you
Apples in Stereo – Better days
The Booty Style – Auderey
Sarah Azzara – Vilify me
Charlene – Still, Shoot yr. life
The Pretenders – Lie to me
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Bang
The Church – let y=x
Watsonville Patio – Tijuana internet chick
Cherrie Blue – Mama’ sugar
Tegan and Sara – Monday Monday Monday
Moodroom – Open minded
The Black Watch – Lovestruck
Jason Bowers – Remember
Nate Ruth – Endless summer
AMFM – Gone in three
Neva Dinova – Jesus’ choir
Dreamchild – Pandora’s box
Lava Baby – Sex Junkie
Low-Beam – Low beaming
John Oates – Love in a dangerous time

Devil Doll sends me a Halloween card, October 2002, meow.

Playlist for Oct. 24
J&MC – Taste the floor
Apples in Stereo – Do you understand?
Lava Baby – I got you
The Black Watch – Lovestruck
Rolling Stones – Crazy mama
Peter Case – Evening raga
The Plimsouls – A million miles away
John Doe – Closet of dreams
Cynthia Dall – I played with boys
Sarah Azzara – Star tripper
The Datson Four – White collar hero
Ivy – Let’s go to bed
The Strokes – Last nite
Arsonwelles – I know these ropes
Geldof – Mudslide
Lo/Hi – Runaround
The Booty Olympics – Boystyle
Livesexact – Happiness pie, need
The Beatifics – Sorry yesterdays, After all
Go Go Market – Rainmaker
Hockey Night – Cloud castle
Outerstar – Every moment
Guarded Jungle – Angel
Faux Jean – The race baiting jailbait race
Bangs – Kinda good
Duvall – The game is up.

Playlist for Oct. 10
J& MC – Taste the floor; Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Art star; The Rolling Stones – Respectable; Shut Up Marie – Borrowed; Lava Baby – Bye bye my love; The Flaming Lips – She is death; Ivy – Digging your scene; Prefab Sprout – Appetite; Cynthia Dall – Nest of dead children; Go Go Market – Let’s stay here; Duvall – The moon looks like a tomato; The Sheila Divine – We all have problems; Peter Case – Gone; Arson Welles – Drag the lake; Livesexact – Leader; Gene – A simple request; Bangs – Leave it behind; The Apples in Stereo – Please; Geldof – My birthday suit; The Datson Four – Suburban paradise; The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up – Distance; Howie Beck – Baby plays around on me; The Booty Olympics – Auderey; Tegan and Sara – City girl; The Black Watch – Come tomorrow; Hockey Night – Championship radio; Mellonova – Frightening commuters; Cinerama – Quick, before it melts (extended version); Melochrome – So, we’re finally moving on; Lo hi – Follow it down; David Pirner - Tea; The Lovers – I believe in outer space;

Playlist for Sept. 26: J& MC – Taste the Floor; Annette Farrington – Dive; Van Morrison – Meet me in the Indian summer; Ivy – Kite; Lavababy – Brand new mood; Geldof – $6 million loser; The Rolling Stones – Hands of fate; The Flaming Lips – Do you realize?; Peter Gabriel – Darkness; Cynthia Dall – Extreme cold; Arson Welles – Scrape the knees; The Black Watch – Lovestruck; The Beatifics – Sorry yesterday’s; The Booty Olympics – James Bray; Cinerama – And when she was bad; Go Go Market – Women’s magazine; The Jupiter Project – Hills and horns; Coldplay – In my place; Seana Carmody – I can troll; The Mission UK – Evangeline.

Playlist for Sept. 25: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Bang; Ivy – I don’t know why I love you; Lava Baby – If I didn’t have U; Geldof – Pale white girls; Livesexact- Shto mi e milo; Mellonova – Sleepy; Obscurity – Can you know me; Swan Dive – Kaleidoscope; Tegan and Sara – Time running; Ours – Realize; Starless – Lullaby; Limegreen – Miss ... Miss psycho; Seana Carmody – Rocket out of time; Go-go Market – Rainmaker; The Beatifics – When it’s whenever; The Mission UK – Mesmerized; Goldenboy – Wild was the night; The Booty Olympics – Boystyle; Cynthia Dall – God made you; The Flaming Lips – Ego tripping at the gates of hell; Adorable – A fade in; Coldplay – Politik; Arson Welles – Fifty dollar stars; The Black Watch – What is the color of happiness?; Daryl – Bottle rocket; Division of Laura Lee – We’ve been planning this for years; Cinerama – Two girls; Dave Pirner – Teach me to breathe; Frank Black & the Catholics – The kingly cave; Opium Jukebox was played randomly in between tracks this week.

Playlist for Sept. 5, 2002: Marianne Faithfull – Kissin’ time; The Echo – Can’t walk away; Julia Brown – Victims and villains; The Booty Olympics – Auderey; The Dead Kennedys – Come on bleed; The Black Watch – Lovestruck; Seana Carmody – Tailgate; The Flaming Lips – In the morning of the magicians; 27 – Cavalla; Mission UK – Shine like the stars; Lavababy – Sex junkie; Peachfuzz – On Sundays, I don’t pray; Ours – Leaves; Bang – New scars; Limegreen – Lilly; Ivy – Digging your scene; Go Go Market – Let’s stay here; Maia Banks – Burn; Ray Mason Band – Footrest; Starless – The amazing dog and pony show; Geldof – $6,000,000 loser; The Beautifics – Sorry yesterday; Coldplay – In my place; Elaine Lachica – Drift; Shut Up Marie – borrowed; Hockey Night – Battlestar Schalastica; Richard X. Heyman – Everywhere she goes. Opium Jukebox was played randomly in between tracks this week.

Sarah Fimm drops by the WMFO studios and gives me a free T-shirt, April 2002.

Gladshot [Debbie and Mike] play Taste the Floor to promote their CD, "Relic," March 2002.

Synth-popsters Freezepop stop by WMFO studios showing off their new EP, "fashion impression function," January 2002.

Annette Farrington hangs out in the WMFO studios, November 2001.